AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course (Detailed Review)

AlgoExpert is an online learning and interview prep platform. Interestingly, It helps groom software engineers, data scientists, and programmers who aspire to work in the top 5 tech companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google).

So, this article is an objective review of the AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course

Additionally, the platform gives you a detailed summary of the top programming interview questions. And the interview questions will be in nine different languages, including Typescript, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Python, C++, Javascript, C#, and Go. 

One of the AlgoExpert platform’s outstanding features is that it allows you to answer questions directly in a code-execution environment. And you will get 70 hours of video explanations of all the questions featured on the platform. 

In a nutshell, AlgoExpert is designed to help you excel in your coding interview. And based on past students’ feedback, the learning platform could be a gateway for getting your dream job.

Additionally, the content on AlgoExpert covers the following; 

  • Coding interview
  • Interview tips from experts
  • Data structures & Algorithms crash course
  • Tips for behavioral interviews 
  • Binary search trees, linked lists, strings, Big O notation, etc. 
  • The amount of memory an algorithm uses and how fast it runs

Again, every content featured on AlgoExpert is high quality. And you will enjoy 1080ps videos with excellent audio. 

Nevertheless, I will be reviewing the AlgoExpert data structures crash course. And I will walk you through the course, analyze its content, and we will decide together if it is worth your money. 

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Are you ready? Let’s go there… 

AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course

Data structures crash course is one of the content you will get from AlgoExpert. And data structures crash course, and algorithms always go together. 

The course helps you understand the nitty-gritty of data structures & algorithms. And if you undergo this course, you will easily ace any interview question that requires you to implement abstract data to access and manipulate information. 

The course is in 13 video series, and it covers essential content relating to memory, complexity analysis, and Big O notation. Besides, the course will explain to you how these concepts work in real-life situations. 

Again, the course is designed to improve your problem-solving skills. Also, I will help you pass interviews in the software engineering and data science field. 

Additionally, if linked lists and binary trees have always been your nightmare, this course will make them your passion. 

Unique Features of AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course 

Like every online course, the AlgoExpert data structures crash course has its unique features. Here are some of them; 

User Friendly 

The AlgoExpert learning platform is users’ friendly. It’s easy to navigate through it and watch the data structures crash course. Additionally, the layout is simple, smart, and doesn’t have confusing features and functionality. 

Of course, you can access the course portal from your laptop and mobile phone, depending on what works for you. Lastly, the AlgoExpert data structures crash course platform is appealing to all users. It will always give you a personalized experience after using it. 

Video Content 

The data structure crash course is in high-quality video content. And it covers every topic you need to understand to pass any interview in the data science field. 

The video is in 13 series and explains the following topics; 

  • Introduction to data science – it gives an overview of code interviews, problem-solving skills, etc. It’s like a teaser into the main course. 
  • Basic understanding of data structures 
  • Complexity analysis
  • Memory
  • Big O Notation 
  • Logarithm
  • Arrays 
  • Linked Lists 
  • Hash Tables 
  • Stacks and Queues
  • Strings 
  • Graphs 
  • Trees

Experts Instructors 

The instructors that will teach you on the data structures crash course are experienced professionals. They work with the top 5 tech companies in the world. 

Interestingly, they went through these interviews before, and they will give you first-hand information of what to expect. 

Solutions in 9 Different Programming Language 

AlgoExpert understands that everybody doesn’t speak the same programming language. So, the AlgoExpert data structures crash course’s solutions and teachings are in 9 different programming languages. 

The languages are; python, C++, Javascript, Swift, Java, C#, Go, Kotlin, and Typescript. 

  • Python for aspiring data scientists
  • C++ for older programmers and software engineers
  • Javascript if you are a front end developer
  • Swift: If you are an IOS engineers
  • Java for masochists. 

Provide a Practice Environment 

The data structure and algorithm crash course provide you with a practice environment. Therefore, you aren’t only learning how to prepare for interviews; the course will expose you to a practice environment. 

There will be stimulation of real-life data structure problems that require solutions. And if you learn how to tackle these problems, you can always handle any data science-related tasks. 

Pros of AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course

  • The course has a good amount of material on data structure, complexity analysis, memory beagle, logarithm, etc. 
  • Again, the videos are high-quality HD, and the instructors (Clem and his team) gave great explanations. He simplified every topic on the course. 
  • The data structure and algorithm crash course are excellent resources that prepare you for top tier tech interviews. 
  • Also, the course provides enough questions to cover every aspect of data structures in any tech interview. 
  • The course resources are well organized, and the layout is user-friendly. 


  • The course didn’t teach the basics of data structures. So, it’s not for beginners without fundamental knowledge of data structures. 
  • Additionally, the course contains a subjective list of questions that may not accurately represent all interview questions in data structures. 
  • It’s a bit expensive and doesn’t offer lifetime access to its users. 

Frequently Asked Questions About AlgoExpert Courses 

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about AlgoExpert courses, including the data structures & algorithms crash course. And these answers will help you decide whether to buy or not. 

#1. What is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is an online learning and interview preparation platform that prepares software engineers and data scientists for top tier tech interviews. 

The platform features 115 hand-picked questions, over 70 hours of video explanation, data structures and solutions in 9 languages, etc. Interestingly, the platform will give you a certification of completion when you are through with the course. 

#2. Should I Buy AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course?

Well, the answer to this question depends on your knowledge level of data structures & algorithms. However, the platform features some of the most popular technical interview questions. And these questions aren’t for beginners who want to learn about data structures. 

If you are a beginner who knows little or nothing about data structures, I won’t recommend this course for you. 

Ideally, before you register for any data structures crash course, you should ask yourself the following questions; 

  • How much does the course cost?
  • What value does the cost offer?
  • Are the instructors experienced data scientists?
  • Who is the course designed for? 

#3. How Good are AlgoExpert Courses?

AlgoExpert courses, including the data structures crash course, will improve your chances of getting a top tier tech job in Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. So, in my opinion, AlgoExpert courses are excellent. 

Of course, there are several interview prep resources out there. But if you opt for a high-quality paid data structure course, it will worth every dime you spend. 

#4. How Much Does AlgoExpert Cost Course?

The amount you are paying for the AlgoExpert course depends on the package you are buying. Here are the three training packages AlgoExpert offers; 


This is the basic training package the platform offers. However, it costs $99 and offers one year of access with the following benefits; 

  • 115 of the best coding interview questions
  • Two parts high-quality explainer videos 
  • A detailed space-time complexity analyses 
  • Written code solutions in 9 languages 
  • Unlockable certificate of completion. 
  • A crash course on data structures 
  • Features in-browser IDE
  • Unlimited mock coding interviews 
  • 4 different timed coding assessment 
  • Bonus – behavior interview questions. 

AlgoExpert + SystemExpert 

This package is AlgoExpert’s premium course. It costs $139 and offers the following benefits; 

  • Everything AlgoExpert Offers 
  • Everything SystemExpert Offers
  • And everything you need to know about tech interviews. 


SystemsExpert is one of the packages AlgoExpert offers. Interestingly, it costs $79 and provides the following benefits; 

  • 10 frequently asked system interview questions 
  • An exhaustive course on system designs 
  • A detailed explanatory glossary of frequently used design terminologies
  • A comprehensive video explanation
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Illustrative system diagrams 
  • A timed system design quiz

So, what you pay for the AlgoExpert course depends on the package you are paying for. However, one of the AlgoExpert problems is that the platform doesn’t offer lifetime access. And you can’t access the platform after one year except you renew your subscription. 

I think that’s all for AlgoExpert all questions. But if you have any questions about the AlgoExpert data structures crash course, you can always ask through our comment section. 

Between AlgoExpert Data Structure and Leetcode Data Structures course, which is Better 

Both AlgoExpert and Leetcode Data Structures courses are great. And they both offer valuable information that will help you ace any top tier job interview.

 However, most people tend to choose AlgoExpert over the Leetcode data structures course because the former has a smaller and more focused selection of problems. And you can steadily progress through easy, medium, and hard. 

Even though leetcode has something similar, it’s not as unique as that of the AlgoExpert platform. 

Final Verdict 

The AlgoExpert data structures crash course is a great learning resource for anyone who aspires to work in FAANG. FAANG is an acronym for the top 5 tech companies – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. 

However, if you have little or no knowledge about data science, this course isn’t for you. Because you can’t learn the foundational knowledge of data structures in the AlgoExpert data structures crash course

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