AlgoExpert Review: How good is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert has emerged as an extremely promising learning solution for those preparing for software engineering interviews. The fans have come out with their opinions on it. This AlgoExpert review will help you in much more detail.

Let me bring to you a comprehensive AlgoExpert review where I will critically analyze the various features of AlgoExpert. If you are a software engineer or an aspirant who is planning to go for AlgoExpert, then I am sure this AlgoExpert review will be of great help.

What is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is an online learning platform meant for professional developers and computer science students.


It is a combined set of interactive online services that helps you to improve your programming skills. AlgoExpert’s prime feature is providing an up to scratch plan for the preparation of the coding interviews.

Have a look at the introductory video of CEO and Co-Founder of AlgoExpert, Clement Mihailescu in the section of “What is AlgoExpert”. It will surely give you a clear idea about what AlgoExpert really is.

What is AlgoExpert Watch Video

Here is an AlgoExpert review which will surely help you figure out how to do your best in your next coding interview!

How good is AlgoExpert?

Before I tell you about how good is AlgoExpert, let me give you an overview of the landscape of all the platforms which can teach you data structures and algorithms.

Now, you could be an experienced software engineer or someone aspiring to make a career in the field. If you are planning to rehearse your skills for an interview or if you are eager to do well in your coding profession then there are many great platforms for you.

Some worth-mentioning platforms are:

You can learn a lot from these different sources, but if you are not practicing, you are not preparing yourself.

AlgoExpert ensures that you practice in great detail to ace your interviews. And if you get stuck in between, AlgoExpert provides video solutions to explain it to you. You can go ahead and create a free AlgoExpert account and start exploring.

In short, AlgoExpert is a well-organized learning platform especially to make you ready for a technical interview.

Features of AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert has come up with extremely relevant features which you are likely to appreciate as an aspirant looking to solidifying your skills in Data Structures and Algorithms.

This AlgoExpert Review would be incomplete without mentioning these features and explaining them in detail. Therefore, let me bring to you 7 of the best features of AlgoExpert.

1. AlgoExpert 90 hand-picked questions

AlgoExpert has 90 hand-picked best coding interview questions to truly prepare you. These questions are categorized into 14 different topics and 5 difficulty levels.

The topics covered in Algoexpert questions are:

  1. Arrays
  2. Strings
  3. Stacks
  4. Searching
  5. Linked Lists
  6. Binary Trees
  7. Binary Search Trees
  8. Dynamic Programming
  9. Famous Algorithms
  10. Recursion
  11. Sorting
  12. Graphs
  13. Heaps
  14. Tries

You can choose any difficulty level according to your capability. The idea is to help you proceed to higher level of proficiency in Algorithms and boost your coding skills.

2. 60+ hours of AlgoExpert Video Explanations

We know that the coding interview questions are quite difficult and tricky. Also, it is hard to understand the inner workings of a complex algorithm on your own. AlgoExpert makes it much easier for you.

AlgoExpert has another primary feature of video explanations on various Data Structures and Algorithm questions. These videos can make interview questions and algorithms easy for you.

A sample video is available in the Video Explanations section.

AlgoExpert Sample Video

3. AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course

Data structures are the fundamentals of many algorithms as they allow the developers to do data management in an efficient way. The right choice of data structures can enhance the efficiency of computer programs or algorithms.

Well, in this regard, AlgoExpert offers a well-planned data structures crash course. It also covers key ideas relating to memory, complexity examination, and Big O documentation.

This course will clear almost every confusion that you have in your mind about data structures.

4. Solutions in 7 Programming Languages

Programming can do wonders but we all know that every programming language is built for some specific area of the programming field.

For example, Javascript is specially designed for website development. But, you do not have to worry at all because AlgoExpert has solutions in 7 popular programming languages as I mentioned earlier. These languages are as follows:

  1. Javascript, best for web developers
  2. C#, best for Microsoft experts
  3. C++, best for ‘old-timers’
  4. Python, best for the data scientists
  5. Java, best for backend developers
  6. Swift, best for iOS engineers
  7. Go, best for early adopters of tech

You can choose any of these languages that are compatible with your area of expertise.

5. Code Execution Environment (The perfect practice environment)

In the world of programming, we all are well aware of the importance of the practice. Getting your hands dirty and actually coding out the solutions of different algorithm problems is the best way of practice.

AlgoExpert makes sure that you practice well to perform outstandingly in your coding interview. It provides a great code editor to execute your codes on the website.

AlgoExpert in-built code console

So not only are you learning by reading and watching their videos, but you are also coding it right away and ensuring that it sticks in your mind.

Also, it gives you every possible hint and solution to your code.
You can write, run and check your codes against their test cases right on their website.

Those of you who are from the Data Science and Machine Learning background would know that this in-built console is similar in idea design to what DataCamp offers. DataCamp is one of the best places to learn Data Science from beginner to advanced level.

6. Space-Time Complexity Analyses

In memory-conscious programming, you must have the knowledge of memory-efficient coding. You should be aware of the facts that how much memory an algorithm will use and how fast the code will run because it turns out pretty important in some cases.

AlgoExpert gives you a complete guide about the space complexity and time complexity in their video explanations.

7. Experience-Backed Interview Tips

AlgoExpert just not provides questions and tutorials on the topics that are required for an interview. It also has a series of videos on crucial tips and tricks for a coding interview. After knowing all the major tips, there will be a high probability for you to stand out from other candidates.

8. AlgoExpert Certificate of Completion

The problems and questions on AlgoExpert are not easy to solve. You need serious knowledge of data structures and algorithms. It will take your time and effort.

AlgoExpert does take you from basics to expert in Data Structures and algorithms. As a reward of your efforts and in response to the completion, you will earn a certification of completion for your coding interview preparedness.

People may ask what is the value of the AlgoExpert certificate. My response to questions like that has always been that the certificate of any course in this world will have no value if it is not backed up with the necessary knowledge and astuteness.

And AlgoExpert does take care of your knowledge quite well. All of these features are best explored yourself which you can do by creating your free AlgoExpert account.

AlgoExpert Packages

AlgoExpert offers three packages which range from $60-$125. Let me take you through what each of the three packages entail.

1. SystemsExpert

The first package is SystemsExpert and it can be purchased for $60. This is a course on system design. It has 6 design interview questions along with video explanations which are very comprehensive.

2. AlgoExpert

The second package is AlgoExpert and it can be purchased for $85. This is an extensive package that provides 90 of the best coding interview questions along with video explanations which are very comprehensive.

AlgoExpert has a crash course in 7 popular programming languages. It provides with a full-fledged coding workspace along with in-depth space-time complexity analysis. It provides tips on all aspects of coding interviews.

And after the completion of all questions, the user receives an AlgoExpert certificate.

AlgoExpert + SystemsExpert

The third package is AlgoExpert+SystemsExpert. This is a 2-in-1package and instead of $145, it is of $125, which means that you can save $20. It provides everything which includes in AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert packages.

The prices are affordable and the packages have a lot to offer. You may check out AlgoExpert pricing on their purchase page.

AlgoExpert Reviews

I am going to share some of the reviews of other users which I found on the internet. The following are the reviews of some prominent developers about AlgoExpert.

AlgoExpert Review on
Reviews as given on

AlgoExpert Reviews on Quora

Quora reviews on AlgoExpert are quite mixed. But I am going to share both as it will make you clear in choosing AlgoExpert. I am sure these AlgoExpert reviews will give you a diverse opinion on it.

AlgoExpert Review Quora 0

Here is another review, in which the person explains about how to crack coding interviews.

AlgoExpert Review Quora 1

A short review of someone on Quora who chose to remain anonymous.

AlgoExpert Review Quora 2

And for some variety, here’s a review from Reddit.

AlgoExpert Review Reddit


AlgoExpert can be a good platform that you can utilize while your coding interview preparation. Its structure, hand-picked questions, and point by point video explanations truly set it apart from different websites and platforms out there. It will make you go to your interviews with confidence and certainty.

We hope this AlgoExpert review was helpful and you have your mind straight on what to go for! Go and create your AlgoExpert account to explore for yourself and start your interview preparation today.

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