AlgoExpert System Design Review

AlgoExpert system design is a great tool and one that every Software Engineer should be working with to keep you advancing your career. Continue reading to find out the advantages and how AlgoExpert can help you with your questions without costing a small fortune.

How Do You Answer System Design Questions?

If you are doing it the old fashion way, you take a step-to-step approach.

  Now, this takes time and practice to do all these steps. If you use Algoexpert design system, you would be able to do this and more in less time. 

Before we start talking about Algoexpert, we need to have an understanding of what Algoexpert design system  is and how it works.  To put it in brief terms, Algoexpert is 100 coding questions with a clear video solution.  AlgoExpert was founded by an Ex-Google engineer, Clement Mihailescu.

The items that you will need to have a knowledge of the theoretical part of Data Structures. Being able to Implement those Data Structures in code, which can be done in any programming language it will not matter which one you use, and lastly and be able to solve fundamental and easy problems using them.

The goal of AlgoExpert is to prepare you for coding interviews, as with each problem, you will have an understanding of the video solution.   To be able to do that, you must have a general knowledge of the three items above.

Who is the person that designed Algoexpert system design?

I would like to talk a little bit about the person that designed AlgoExpert, Clement Mihailescu, and his team. Mihailescu is a former Facebook and Google software engineer.  Mihailescu can speak about the specific programming questions and the best way to approach them.

What do I mean by that? Let me show you what I mean by introducing you to a lucrative Algoexpert discount of 20%! But for those of you who’re new here, let me introduce you to AlgoExpert!

What does AlgoExpert system design do?

AlgoExpert will give you a place for software engineers to practice and a place for technical interview questions.  The design system is based on 90 common data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving problems that span 14 categories and on five difficulty levels. The design system breaks down marks the different levels from “Easy” to “Extremely Hard” and everything in between.

 AlgoExpert does not tie you to only one language. AlgoExpert allows you to work in 9 different languages. The platform works on JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, C#, and Co., to name a few.

Algoexpert system design currently offers 100 coding interview questions.  

Some of the coding problems that the AlgoExpert deals with are technical interviews some of which include array, binary search trees, dynamic programming, linked lists, recursion, searching, sorting, and strings.

When a user clicks on a question from the list, the program will redirect you to an interactive code editor where they can enter the solution that they have come up with and try for yourself to see if the solution worked. AlgoExpert will then give you hints and will provide feedback on if the code runs correctly.

 AlgoExpert is a great platform that will give you a lengthy video explanation that will provide you with detailed walkthroughs of every problem. I feel these videos are incredibly beneficial for many people that learn better with audio and video components. 

Who is AlgoExpert for the beginner or professional?

If you don’t have any background in the process of computer coding or programming, then most likely, AlgoExpert would not be for you.

Some would say that you don’t want to use AlgoExpert for beginners, but if someone were looking to move up fast, it would be a product for you.

What is SystemsExpert?

I like to think of SystemsExpert as being the little brother to AlgoExpert design system. In reality, SystemsExpert is much more than that.  SystemsExpert is the resource for building robust, functional, and scalable systems.

SystemsExpert is a video-based course that works well for people that learn better from seeing, not just reading what is in a book. The system will allow mastering the systems design interview for FAANG-level companies.

SystemsExpert offers Systems design fundamentals, SystemsExpert questions, a 4-pane integrated workspace, and cost.  Let’s look at each of these areas.

What will I learn with SystemExpert? You will start by learning, distributing computing, reliability engineering, information storage, and systems architecture. I am only naming a few of the great items you will learn.  SystemExpert is another tool that you will have in your toolbox to help you when working. The program will allow you to use under many different scenario

What does AlgoExpert cost?

AlgoExpert has different ways to pay for the program.  Users can choose to pay $85.00 for AlgoExpert; this includes the 100 interview questions, video explanations, a certificate of completion, and much more. SystemsExpert also offers another option for you. 

SystemsExpert only costs $60.00 and this includes a course on systems design and six interview questions.  I feel that ordering both the AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert is a total of $125.00.  When I am looking at the different programs out there, it puts it in the middle of the road in terms of cost but not in quality. 

I would have to say that this is money well spent for a Software Engineer to have in their bag of tools to use. Having both AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert will benefit you throughout your career.

Ratings and review

If you look at the reviews of AlgoExpert you can see that most of the reviews are positive. Looking through them you can see that lots of other customers have commented about the excellent quality of the videos. Some others have stated that these videos explain the content in a way that was helpful for learning and solving the problem or questions that they might be having.

In conclusion Algoexpert system design is a great tool and one that every Software Engineer should be working with to keep you advancing your career. AlgoExpert system will be an assets with out costing you a small fortune and will save you hours of time. I find that it comes in handy even if I am just double checking my work.

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