AlgoExpert vs Educative: Detailed Comparison

AlgoExpert vs Educative, which one is better? This is the debate circling on various forums. Interviews can be gruesome. If not prepared well ahead of time, they can cause a loss of opportunities.

For software engineers, things can get a little tacky when they get unexpected tricky code questions from their interviewers.

This article will give you an insight into two distinctly known software for interview preparations i.e. and Both of these have their specified features. The common among two is that both provide a platform to practice for code interviews.

The outline of the whole article is as given below:

  • What is AlgoExpert?
  • What is Educative?
  • Pros and cons of AlgoExpert
  • Positive review of AlgoExpert of a user cracking interview at Amazon
  • Pros and cons of Educative
  • Positive evaluation of Educative of a user
  • Conclusion

So let’s get started so that you may choose your best fit software for prepping up for your interview day.

What is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is the ultimate resource to prepare for coding interviews. Everything you need, in one streamlined platform.


Clément Mihailescu is the Co-founder, CEO, and Instructor, while Antoine Pourchet is the Co-founder and CTO of AlgoExpert. They came up with this software back in 2016 when Clément Mihailescu got frustrated due to the interview preparations.

AlgoExpert is a paid platform where software engineers can rehearse specific interview questions. The team picked 70 regular data structures, algorithms, and critical thinking queries that range 14 categories and five difficulty levels. Clients can write in 5 distinct languages, utilizing an in-browser coding window to compose and run code.

I have reviewed AlgoExpert in a detailed AlgoExpert review that I published a few days back.

What is Educative?

Educative is a platform to you, software developers, to build their skillsets and stay up to date on critical programming languages.

educative logo

Fahim Ul Haq is the Co-Founder and CEO of Educative while Naeem Ul Haq is the Co-Founder and the CTO.

Educative allows you to level up your coding skills fast and in an efficient manner. There is a whole set of affordable interview prep courses. It provides a diverse range of courses for coding interviews.

Pros and Cons of AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert is currently under use by many software engineers and developers. People who want to prepare for coding interviews use AlgoExpert as a medium for understanding the coding question.


Pros of AlgoExpert

Peruse further to check whether AlgoExpert IO is worth it or not.

  • A perfect in-depth explanation of every problem in the form of videos to where there is a conceptual overview of the algorithm.
  • The videos also include how to approach, implement, optimize and analyze the problems
  • This program focuses on questions commonly asked in coding interviews. It provides extra help to software developers who have lesser experience in data structures and algorithms.
  • Users of AlgoExpert can choose a low amount of 25$ per month to sign up into the program. Progress and individual questions can be saved after signup.
  • AlgoExpert is specially built to train its users for coding interviews; hence dream job is possible to be attained after training from AlgoExpert.
  • Videos on AlgoExpert are well produced and helpful for learning steps to solving particular questions.

Cons of AlgoExpert

  • Some users are not entirely satisfied with the limited set of questions that are only 70 currently.
  • Most questions are well-known software engineering technical interview questions that most software engineers are already aware of. Hence the software comes of little use to them.
  • Most users also complain that the videos on AlgoExpert can be easily accessed on YouTube for free.
  • The policy that AlgoExpert does not offer refunds has also frustrated a small number of users, as quoted by a user in an answer in Quora.

A Review of

On AlgoExpert Reviews page, Corbin, an Incoming Software Developer on Amazon quoted:

“As a scientist who was looking to break into Tech, I knew the underlying logic of programming, but I had many gaps in my understanding, especially on the types of algorithms questions asked at interviews.

I can confidently say that AlgoExpert is one of the best resources out there for interview preparation, with fantastic video tutorials and an excellent question selection that allows you to get a deep understanding of the topics and confidence in your problem-solving ability.

The site is incredibly intuitive to use, and I think that the staff is some of the best out there, being incredibly supportive and passionate about offering great customer experience. I cannot recommend AlgoExpert highly enough”.

Pros and Cons of Educative is a platform used and loved by many software engineers and developers for both general learning and also for interview preparations.

Educative dashboard

Pros of Educative

Here is a compilation of all the best things about as a learning platform for its users.

  • Educative would tell you in and out of the coding questions. They also break problems into different groups and patterns, etc.
  • At Educative, you are able to practice three ways of problem-solving at the same time. They are:
  1. Pure recursion
  2. Top-Down memorization
  3. Bottom-Up filling techniques
  • Reading could be quite faster than watching; hence Educative lays out its courses in rich text.
  • They have slick coding environments where you can practice as you learn with full-fledged code playgrounds in your browser.
  • You don’t need to have a set-up before starting to learn. It’s all on the cloud hence no fiddling with SDKs or IDEs.
  • All the courses are arranged in a learning track; hence you always know what to learn next.

Cons of Educative

  • Some of the problems have outdated solutions which require updated modified to the present time solutions
  • A handful of users believe that buying the course isn’t a great option if you have many days until the interview. 
  • They prefer reading the free preview form and then googling the rest of the concepts for free. 

A Review of

Anthony Walker, @webarchitect tweeted on twitter saying:

These are high-quality courses. Trust me. I own around ten, and the price is worth it for the content quality. @Educative Inc came at the right time in my career. I understand topics better than with any book or online video tutorial I’ve done. Truly made for developers. Thanks”

AlgoExpert vs Educative – Conclusion

The comparison of AlgoExpert vs Educative has come to an end. I have outlined all the essential positive and negative points of both of the learning platforms. 

It’s quite evident that AlgoExpert is new and is being boasted up on online forums. But Educative is a relatively older platform that is helping software developers in getting into their dream jobs. Many people have cracked interviews at huge firms by practicing through Educative

Let’s hope AlgoExpert gets its new version where there are more diverse knowledge bases. It’s entirely new in the market, and hence hope is up for it to gain pace in the coming future.

Step into the platform that suits you most as both have their winning specifications. I hope you get to crack the interviews for your dream jobs.

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