AlgoExpert vs LeetCode: Detailed Comparison

Today, I’ll be reviewing two coding platforms in a classic comparison battle between AlgoExpert vs LeetCode.

If you’ve finally decided to start applying for engineering or developer roles, coding interviews will soon be a part of your daily routines. But you’ll have to hone your skills and be ready to solve whatever is thrown your way.

I’ll quickly go through the positives and negatives of both the platforms, and then we’ll go into comparison mode.

How Good is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is a reasonably new education platform but quick to rise atop the ladder. With over 90 new and challenging questions, the platform seeks to encourage students and professionals alike to improve their coding skills. It’s mainly designed for people who would like to brush up on concepts before an interview rather than seeking help from other mediums.

These questions are divided into three main categories – easy, medium, hard. Each question has a thorough explanation video, along with instructions for the learner to attempt the solution. It also offers a built-in coding environment with support for seven languages, so you never have to step outside their learning platform.

Let’s take a look at our opponent in this LeetCode vs AlgoExpert discussion.

 Is LeetCode Good?

LeetCode has long been the reigning platform for engineers and students to practice their coding skills. It hosts over 1000+ questions for students to attempt, solve, and discuss on their discussion boards. Due to their popularity, they also host one of the largest tech communities online.

Similar to AlgoExpert, LeetCode’s problem sets are also divided into three main categories in terms of difficulty – easy, medium, and hard. Moreover, their problems are also divided into sets for several companies. For example, they have specific problems for interviews at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other tech companies of the kind. 

Other than these companies feature algorithmic problems; all other problems are free on LeetCode with an account. You can easily practice your skills on various data structures and algorithms with the comfort of an in-built coding environment.

LeetCode also hosts coding contests for you to battle up against other developers. This is also a good technique for you to learn new skills in algorithms and design better solutions with the least complexities.

This begs the question,

Is LeetCode Premium Worth It?

My AlgoExpert vs LeetCode discussion won’t reach a good end if I don’t discuss their premium subscriptions.

LeetCode’s premium subscription can allow you to open locked problems, unlock company problem sets, and the ability to sort those questions. As of writing this article, LeetCode’s monthly subscription is for $35 whereas, its annual subscription is for $159.

LeetCode’s premium might be worth the trouble if you’re going to apply for the tech giants. Other than that, I find it quite pricey, especially for access to a short subset of premium content. Similarly, you can find explanations to most problems on the internet, but their explanation videos and infographics are quite good.

I won’t simply disregard LeetCode, simply due to its pricing in AlgoExpert vs LeetCode here. It does have good features, but the free version should get you started for your coding interviews and help you improve your skill without a dime.

After all this, you might be wondering, isn’t AlgoExpert a premium service too?

Is Worth It? is, yet again, a premium service for you to make use of to learn algorithms and data structures. The cost of subscribing to the AlgoExpert bundle of 90 questions is $85, in comparison to LeetCode, which offers a monthly subscription.

This is a one-time purchase where you’ll have access to their content forever. You can easily solve those problems, repeat, and go back whenever you’d like to see their detailed videos.

If I may chip in some help here, you can use my promo-code on to get a 15% discount. Yes, the promo-code “superheuristics” can be applied to your purchase, and you can easily bag that discount.

Are you interested in a more detailed AlgoExpert review? Take a look here!

Now that the pricing point is out of the way, so let’s have one final discussion about both the platforms together.

Which is Better LeetCode or AlgoExpert? Let’s Decide!

Both learning platforms are vetted and approved by software engineers worldwide. LeetCode is known for its large problem sets, whereas, AlgoExpert has a small problem set with focused explanation videos.

Both the platforms have a rich, in-built coding environment. However, LeetCode does allow access to over 14+ languages, in comparison to AlgoExpert, where only seven languages are allowed. Though this won’t be much of an issue as you should focus more on the concepts involved.

One area where AlgoExpert does lack is its absence of a community or forum discussion boards. LeetCode hosts several developers and allows them to get together. This simple feature has allowed them to boost their community over the years.

Again, this isn’t much of a hurdle in the quality of the platform but something that should be added.

Lastly, LeetCode’s one huge negative is its focus on presenting solutions to algorithms which are one-liners. These shorten the line of codes, but the readability and understanding are fairly hard. This allows it to be specific to more veteran developers and trained professionals rather than students.

You can quickly get demotivated and leave out. AlgoExpert, on the other hand, doesn’t have any such bias. The problems are ranging from easy to hard, and everyone can attempt those.

So, one final question in my AlgoExpert vs LeetCode discussion, is LeetCode better than AlgoExpert? No, and it’s not the other way around too. But, yes, if we keep the pricing, problem quality, and explanations, I’d give AlgoExpert a small bump.

AlgoExpert vs LeetCode: Conclusion

LeetCode and AlgoExpert are great platforms if you wish to learn more about data structures and algorithms. They’re also great for you to practice your coding skills on, right before the interview. The premium problems on LeetCode can help you target tech giants as well!

If you’re interested in a small price cut in your AlgoExpert subscription, you can use my promo code “superheuristics” or head here.

There are other alternatives to AlgoExpert and LeetCode as well, and you can read more about those in one of my previous articles. That should be it for this article folks!

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