Best AlgoExpert Alternatives

AlgoExpert is a good choice for software engineers and computer science students who want to learn and practice data structures and algorithms.

You can get help through recorded videos to perform well in the coding interview questions. But despite that, are you someone looking for an AlgoExpert alternative?

AlgoExpert is fine but they do not have a spot for you to post your queries straightforwardly to the experts. And that’s just one of those things that would keep you wanting for more!.

So, to meet your requirements, you need some alternative websites or platforms.

There are many websites like AlgoExperts, few of them are mentioned as follow:

  2. LeetCode
  3. HackerRank
  4. Pluralsight
  5. Learneroo
  6. Coderbyte

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1. is another alternative to AlgoExpert. It is a comparatively cheap and competent website. It makes you free from the problem of pausing and playing videos constantly. This website is like AlgoExpert.

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What is

On, you can get unlimited access for as low as $8.31/month. The website has 270,000+ learners. Among these learners, many are currently working for very popular organizations.

They have books and notes on different courses because reading is quicker than watching videos. They provide a smooth coding environment within the courses.

From this website you can:

  • Become a developer – by learning various languages
  • Grow your skillset – through understanding different business cases
  • Prepare for a coding interview

Reviews of

For a start, here is my own detailed review of

Online reviews of Educative are quite mixed. Some people are talking about the less organized stuff. And some are complementing this website for the content that is available at cheap prices. It is specifically good for you if you like reading more than watching videos. Review

2. LeetCode

Leetcode is a notable alternative to AlgoExpert. They have 1000+ questions with a discussion on each question in a comprehensive way.


What is LeetCode?

The mission of LeetCode is to help software engineers improve their skills, extend their learning, and prepare for technical interviews.

They have around 1050 questions, among their 3 ability levels :

  • Simple
  • Medium
  • Hard

They have also sets of different problems for Premium individuals. With a huge number of users, their discussion board, they have a big tech network.

Users can partake in challenges to improve and also secure rewards. A part of these challenges is supported by organizations so they can discover top talent. They support 14 well-known programming languages and give users an opportunity to enhance their skills in the following way :

  • Playground, to enable your code to test.
  • Troubleshoot and compose your codes on the website.

Reviews of Leetcode

Mostly, the reviews of LeetCode are positive. Many people said that the online websites for coding questions are less organized, so they truly admire the labeling and order, seen on LeetCode.

Many clients suggest attempting simple and medium questions, as those are more likely to come up in programming interviews.

Leetcode has, in fact, published a lot of their learner stories on their Leetcode Stories page.

3. HackerRank

HackerRank is another option for you, an alternative to AlgoExpert. Software engineers preparing for coding interviews can get satisfactory help from this website.

What is HackerRank?

When you are preparing for an interview, there is a high probability that you have observed a HackerRank test. This website is similar to AlgoExpert.

Top tech organizations also use HackerRank for hiring the experts.

They also have practice questions for students who are hoping to learn new programming languages and skills. It also helps you to prepare for an upcoming coding interview. Their questions are ordered by expertise level in data structures and algorithms.

Reviews of HackerRank

Software engineers trying to practice for technical interviews are in favor of HackerRank in their reviews. But in some reviews users said that the questions are much like riddles as compared to true questions that are usually asked in an interview.

4. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is another alternative to AlgoExpert. This website provides a huge number of courses in almost every technology. It will help you in boosting your skills in any programming field.

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight offers courses on

  • Software development
  • IT Ops
  • Data professional
  • Information and Cybersecurity

From this website, you can learn programming in Python, JavaScript, Java, and C#. You can also learn about web development and mobile development. One quick thing, during the lock-down time, they were offering free access to their all 7000+ expert-led course videos for the month of April 2020.

Reviews of Pluralsight

Currently, the reviews of the Pluralsight have always been tremendous. Programmer definitely calls it THE place to learn to code, as Pluralsight also calls itself.

5. Learneroo

Learneroo is also an online learning platform that helps software engineers to advance their skills in Java, Python, and learn data structures and algorithms in popular programming languages.

What is Learneroo?

Learneroo categorizes complex problems into little questions to assist students. It will help you through picture clarifications, graphs, and questions.

When you are stuck on a problem, you can look at the appearing clues and remarks to solve your problem. If you like to learn in person with an instructor for extra exercises, you can enroll for that premium plan.

Premium users can also download content from Learneroo to work offline and get help from instructors.

Reviews of Learneroo

Some users wrote that Learneroo is an incredible method to figure out how to code and prepare for coding interviews. Some people said that this website is specifically good for the C++ programming language.

6. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is an online learning website that has more than 300 questions on different topics of the programming field.

What is Coderbyte?

Coderbyte offers different coding questions in 10 unique programming languages, which can be solved simply on their website. There are many questions on topics like JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms.

They also provide different plans for interview preparation for different tech organizations. A portion of their courses is offered for free and the rest is available after a paid enrollment.

You can get the rankings by solving questions with great scores. This ranking goes from starter to master which helps you to evaluate and compare your skills in any specific field.

Reviews of Codebyte

Coderbyte has been featured on a list of top coding challenge websites by gitconnected, which is a platform for developers and software engineers to share knowledge, connect, collaborate, and learn.

They specifically like that Coderbyte allows users to view official solutions and user-submitted solutions, giving people additional ways to learn.

Many people appear to appreciate Coderbyte. The bit of criticism is that the content available on Coderbyte is also available on other websites and platforms for free.

AlgoExpert Alternatives – Conclusion

I am sure that you got a comprehensive understanding of each of the best AlgoExpert alternatives. With this, you are in a good position to understand that which AlgoExpert alternative will be the best for you.

I strongly recommend to spend a few hours on evaluating these alternatives yourself. However, I also recommend you to not go into an analysis-paralysis situation where you just keep on think which AlgoExpert alternative to choose but you don’t really choose any.

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