Review (2020): Is Worth it?

If there’s one question that’s a hype in the developer industry – it’s “Is worth it?”. That’s where I’m here for – with an objective review for you! Let’s finally cross this rite of passage and break down this learning platform together!

You might be thinking:

How can a learning platform help me be at my desired level of mastery in interviews?

That’s the thing – it’s the interactive lessons, in-depth coverage of topics, and professional experience that you need. Lucky for you, provides all of that (and more). Their exceptionally crafted courses will diminish the gap between your skill and what the industry needs!

If you’re interested in signing up for a small fee – use my coupon, and you can score yourself a good discount!

Let’s finally jump into our review and see what’s the fuss all about.

I had aso written an article on “AlgoExpert vs Detailed Comparsion“. AlgoExpert is an alternative and you must read that article to know more about it. Review: Is it Worth it?

Simply put, yes. It’s definitely worth the hype and provides an array of features to developers of all skill-set. Let’s have a look at the first page we’ll be introduced to upon our free registration and login:

General Tracks

Off the hook, I’m presented with three basic options to choose from:

  1. Become a Developer
  2. Grow my Skill-set
  3. Prepare for an Interview

We’re all aware of this – the Internet is dark and full of “weird” lessons with no guidance. This approach by to divide their courses based on what we wish to learn is nothing short of remarkable.

Let’s say you’re just called on for a quick interview and have to prepare for an interview. Now’s not the time to pop open books, my friend. It’s specialized tracks like these, which can help you ace the coding interview and please your employer.

Still not convinced? The platform has much more to offer. For one, here’s a list of some of the most exciting learning tracks available:

Each of these tracks has several courses in them. We’ll see how a  course is structured, later down this review.


Let’s dive straight into one of the tracks (coding interview for now) and see what’s the structure like in there:

A Quick Walk Down the Coding Interview Pathway

Most recruiters and talent hunters won’t restrict you to one language. Neither does You can practice your coding interview skills by selecting any language of your choice.

A language is not what you’re looking for?

Scroll below on the same page – also provides you options to select domains you’d like to practice your coding interview skills in. Here’s a list of a few of those:

I see “Algorithms” and “Data Structures” in there – my eyes are glistening already. These topics are very challenging to grasp, but the way instructors have managed to present the coding concepts – it’s praise-worthy.

In these particular series, you’ll be introduced to topics such as the Big-O notation and Algorithms to advanced Data structures such as Binary Trees.

Here’s a question I’ve seen many beginners raise:

But, we don’t know how binary trees work, how can I jump into an advanced interview course?

Well, you don’t have to jump straight into coding. also ranks each course in terms of its complexity – beginner or advanced – choose your skill for the interview!

And if you’re worried you won’t have enough material in a course for practice, just see what a single course has in stores for you:

  • Lessons – great for a refresher to long-lost understanding
  • Quizzes – excellent for reinforcement learning
  • Playground – show your creativity and go crazy with the practice
  • Illustrations – just words won’t do it for you, understand your concepts in a new way
  • Code Snippets – after all, you’re going to have to write some sort of pseudocode

I don’t think I’ve seen this much detail anywhere else!

Exciting Challenges and Coding Environment

Don’t believe me on the part where I say it’s detailed – let’s see it in the works.

For every course challenge, you’ll be presented with a problem set.

Once you’ve understood the problem, it’s time to try solving it.

Here’s the catch:

You don’t have to code anything on your machine. Since you’re already logged in, you’ll have access to an in-app coding environment with a built-in tester! This is one of the best benefits I wanted to highlight in my review.

How awesome is that? Here’s the environment in action for my particular problem:

Espresso – A Developers Lounge

What does the function malloc do in linked lists? Confused?

That’s where Edpresso,’s premier developers’ lounge, can come to your rescue. There are loads of short questions answered compactly. These are short-burst answers so you can quickly grasp the concept and get back to your work.

I’ve always preferred this over the like of Quora or others for coding help. Especially questions related to algorithms, complexities, and language-based data structures!

If my review has you thinking, I must say it’s the way forward. You can quickly subscribe to their curriculum for a small fee over here.

Game Changer Courses on

As with every other learning platform, there are favorites everywhere. I’ll let you know some of my favorite courses in this review. Let’s jump right into it.

Grokking the Coding Interview

This is reason enough you’re coming off as the clear victor if you get a membership. My first choice is the best there is if you’re a profound lover of algorithms or want to study these concepts deep: Grokking the Coding Interview!

This review won’t be complete without me mentioning this gem. It’s the PERFECT, and I repeat, the PERFECT asset for you to enroll in, to sky-rocket your algorithmic thinking.

It doesn’t just end at stacks or queues but grows on to discuss Trees, Knapsacks, Heaps, and so much more. I believe most of these topics aren’t even available on the Internet, so that’s the best part. Not to mention, the instructor’s flow and rhythm will keep you hooked for hours.

Don’t believe me? Why don’t you get started with the preview today? It’s free and includes all this and more tracks!

Big-O Notation for Coding Interviews and Beyond

I’ll be honest with you again – I dreaded the usage of big-O notations. It’s this course which made me realize how easy the topic is if it’s presented in a certain way. The instructors go above and beyond to take you from a novice to an expert.

Especially considering the coding excerpts, you’ll be able to see how everything works together.

Here’s a sample article I had bookmarked on my end. It’s a great lesson again, which just reminded me of how much I learned from it. Is it time you gave it a look in the free app preview?

Algorithms in C++: An Interview Refresher

Practicing algorithmic concepts in a slightly strict language such as C++ can give you a clear advantage. This course on Algorithms  in C++ is all about that. It’s a refresher focused on helping you memorize most of your algorithm and the language basics.

By the way, for every course, you can also view its respective learning track. So, if you were to go select the learning track for this course – it’s the “Ace the C++ Coding Interview,” which we discussed above.

Can’t go through the problems yourself? It’s alright to feel stuck at a point and seek help. Even if Edpresso doesn’t have your question – you can explore the “Solution Review” section, which is available with every single challenge.

Here’s a look at the solutions of one of the challenges I was solving earlier:

If you take a look at the menu, it has the pseudocode too! If you’ve given Algorithm interviews before, you know they’re not really looking for you to code it appropriately. Just showing knowledge of the topic is enough – and that’s where these gems help.

Not to mention, there’s more than one approach discussed to solve this problem here.

You did it one way? Why don’t you review the other technique for more experience!


That’s probably it for my review folks! I hope your concerns are finally resolved, and you’re clear that the subscription to this fantastic curriculum is the best decision you’ll be making.

In-app coding environment, challenging coding questions, and exciting learning tracks – what more do you require from a learning platform? I’ve been wooed away since the first time I’ve been introduced to it.

If you’re looking for a coupon to complete your sign-up on a much economical rate, here’s the link you should use. Keep an eye on the price, you won’t be disappointed, especially for the knowledge gains you’re going to get!

Do you have any personal favorite courses? Why don’t you share your experience with me in the comments, and I’ll be so glad you loved the knowledge I’ve been glistening about here!

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