How to get AlgoExpert Free Videos?

Are you scraping the web for some discounts or promo codes of AlgoExpert? Guess what, I have the secret you’ve been looking for.

Ready through the article as I slowly introduce you to the secret, which is, drum rolls – Algoexpert free videos!

What do I mean by that? Let me show you what I mean by introducing you to a lucrative Algoexpert discount of 20%! But for those of you who’re new here, let me introduce you to AlgoExpert!

What is AlgoExpert? is a learning platform for software developers and computer scientists to learn all about algorithms. It has everything from learning material to practice problems with an in-app environment to practice the codes. It’s especially great if you’re looking for resources to practice your interview skills or to hone your coding skills.

As of now, the platform hosts knowledge about 90 or so data structures and algorithm questions. They’re distributed across various difficulty levels so you can start as an amateur and quickly improve your skills.

The algorithm’s explanation videos aren’t just presentation slides. Instead, the instructor will first show the algorithm along with its optimization, implementation, and approach. Then, the explanation will have a pseudo-code explanation for you to practice the problem in a programming language.

Does that rile you up? What I have in the market for you, it’ll surprise you even more. Keep on reading!

Also, here is my detailed review of AlgoExpert.

AlgoExpert Free Account: Get Yours Too!

I’m sure you have an idea as to how the platform can help you out. Eager to sign up for an AlgoExpert free account?

You can do it by visiting and hitting the ‘Login’ button on the top right of the website. 

You will have three social media account options to sign in from. It’ll help you create an account and save your progress once you start your learning. Here’s a list of options you can use to create your AlgoExpert free account:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • GitHub – I’d recommend that you use your GitHub account to create this account as it’ll help you associate your coding profile with the learning platform.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll have access to the platform, but it won’t have much for you to make use of. Instead, you’ll have to subscribe to their platform to continue the learning. We’ll soon discuss their packages– with a special surprise for you!

AlgoExpert Free Videos: Evaluate the Platform

Like every other learning platform, AlgoExpert also allows you to evaluate the platform using their lectures. You can watch the AlgoExpert free videos to get an idea of the learning resources they offer along with how you can practice those problems yourself.

Let’s have a look at it.

From the top navigation bar, head over to the Coding Interview Questions in the Content tab. Click on the topic, and let’s have a look at what questions do we have with us.

There’s a clean UI for you to have a look at your progress. It’ll be saved against your account so you won’t lose track of where you were last time.

Not only that, but you can re-arrange these videos based on the categories. For example, some videos fall under Arrays, some under Linked Lists, and others under various other types. You can view them in whatever order you’d like to get the most knowledge out of them.

For the sake of this article let’s have a look at one of the AlgoExpert problems – I’ll open up the “River Sizes” problem.

There’s loads of stuff here on the main interface. You have your prompt, scratchpads, solutions, and the coding environment. You can practice all of that in the same web application for the problem you’re considering.

Not only that, but you also have Algoexpert videos downloadable from the web app. The video will explain everything about the concept you’ve just studied the theory of. This should get you a fair idea as to how you should proceed with the problem.

You can also view the other two algoexpert videos (free download from the web app as well). They’re from varying difficulty so you can have a good idea as to how other problems will be like on the platform.

Just these videos were enough to win my vote. What about you? Even if it didn’t, the promo code I’ll be showing you next will surely woo you away!

AlgoExpert Promo Code: A Lucrative Discount!

Like I said before, you have to subscribe to one of their packages to start learning. Here’s the home page once you’ve signed in. You’ll have your username on the top right along with your subscription information – whether you’ve bought the courses or not.

Have a look:

Here’s a list of the packages which AlgoExpert offers:

Since we’re learning data structures and algorithms here, I won’t be discussing the Systems Expert course. Though you’re more than likely to have a look at it yourself if you’re interested.

So, the package is offered for 85$. Here’s where my surprise comes in. I have an AlgoExpert promo code that you can use right now to get a whopping 20% discount on your package right now!

To apply the code on your subscription, head over to this link or you can apply the code “superheuristics” on your purchase. It should give you an AlgoExpert discount and get started on the platform in the right way.

In this package, you’ll get everything you see on the list above. Questions, in-depth explanations, solutions, and interview help from experts as well.


All in all, the AlgoExpert free videos will help you get an idea of the platform. They have every feature a paid explanation would have. Although there are over 90 premium videos, only three are available for a free preview.

Again, you can apply my AlgoExpert promo code to get a 20% discount on your package. The discount will unlock all the videos for you to view at your discretion. That’s it for today folks – I hope the discount serves you well and you’re able to master your skills in data structures and algorithms!

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