Is AlgoExpert worth it for you?

Being one of the best platforms that Software Engineers or Computer Scientists can easily access to prepare for their coding interviews, AlgoExpert is not something you wouldn’t have heard about. But Is AlgoExpert worth it is one of the most common questions that people ask before registering themselves on this website? Look no more, as I’ll make it clear shortly.

As a software engineer or computer science graduate, there is no denying the fact that you must have found the need to prepare for coding interviews. AlgoExpert is one of the platforms that cater to all your coding-related needs by providing access to almost 100 of the best programming questions that can be asked during an interview.

Is AlgoExpert worth it?

Now that you already know what AlgoExpert is about, before registering, one question that may pop up in your mind must be, is AlgoExpert worth it? I can’t just put a simple yes or no as an answer since, to make it clear for you, I’ll have to discuss all the things related to the features and cost it has to offer to finally come to a conclusion. So, without waiting any further, let’s see what AlgoExpert has in store for you.


Some of the most prominent features provided by AlgoExpert are as follows:

  • This platform features almost 100+ questions that you are most likely to be asked during a coding interview. The questions are separated into five different levels starting from easy to extremely hard.
  • The questions can also be sorted out into categories which include, stacks, strings, arrays, binary search trees, binary trees, searching, linked lists, dynamic programming, famous algorithms, etc.
  • You will also get access to 100+ hours of solution videos to get a better understanding of coding and anything related to it that you’re confused about.
  • AlgoExpert is also famous for supporting almost nine languages. These languages include C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, Swift, Go, Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, etc. This diversity of languages is one of the most prominent and best features that AlgoExpert has to offer.
  • You can get access to not only coding interview assessments but also behavioral interview preps.
AlgoExpert Content

Cost of Registration:

Looking at all the features that this platform has to offer, you may be wondering what the actual cost that they ask for providing such services is? With all the services and features that they have to offer, the AlgoExpert will only cost you 74 USD annually. Yes, you read that right. You will just have to pay 99 USD for getting access to the features they have to provide for the whole year.

Registration prices


Is Algoexpert worth it? I’ll advice you to make the decision after looking for the courses it has to offer in least possible prices. If you are wondering is AlgoExpert good or is AlgoExpert helpful before you decide to register on this platform, the features it has to offer will give you the answer.

AlgoExpert Review:

Now that you have finally got answers to your queries like “is AlgoExpert good,” “Is AlgoExprt helpful,” and “Is AlgoExpert worth it?” let’s now move to a brief review of this platform. Before deciding whether you should go for its registration or not, have a look at this AlgoExpert review to make your decision even more clear and easy.

Founder of AlgoExpert:

 First and foremost, it is extremely important to know about the founders of a platform before you get yourself indulged in their courses. Who are they, and what they have been up to is something you should know beforehand. You don’t have to look anywhere else as I have it covered for you.

Clement Mihailescu is the main mastermind behind this platform. He is known for working in Google, but it is also famous that he got quite frustrated while preparing for the interview, and thus, the idea of AlgoExpert came into existence.

What it has to offer:

This platform offers you access to 100+ coding-related questions that are most likely to be asked during the coding interviews you go for. Not only this, but it also helps you prepare for the interviews with 100+ hours of videos available on the website that you can get access to once you register yourself. In short, it removes all the worries and anxiety that you must have while preparing for the coding interviews.

The major topics taught on this platform are as follows:

  • Experts can be giving you some informational interview tips.
  • Most authentic and asked coding questions.
  • It also includes the data structure crash courses.
  • Know-how of how fast an algorithm runs and how much memory it uses.
  • Access to a number of languages.

Ease of Use:

The platform offers you to choose your own level of ease by providing five different levels of hardness, starting from easy to extremely hard. You are also allowed to sort the questions out using different categories so that you can have ease while you prepare for your interviews and begin from where you want to.

What you can easily do within the editor code is:

  • You are allowed to change the layout (quad layout, tri layout, etc.)
  • Can change the light theme from light to dark or vice versa at your convenience.
  • You can also access the built-in stopwatch to time yourself.
  • You are allowed to change the programming language as well.
  • You can also change the syntax highlighting theme as per your choice.
  • You can easily change the editor font size according to your convenience.

Is AlgoExpert worth it? – Conclusion:

If you are preparing for some coding interviews, you must have heard about the great AlgoExpert and the features it has to offer. If not, this article covered all of that for you. However, before registering to this platform, if you are wondering about “is AlgoExpert worth it”, check all the features it has to offer to conclude it for yourself. Not only this, giving access to such features while costing the minimum prices possible is also what makes this platform worth all the hype.

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