Sublime Text Free vs. Paid: What’s the difference?

Sublime Text: Free vs Paid – what is the difference? This is one question that bothers everyone who is hooked onto Sublime Text for their daily programming work.

I will help you answer this by suggesting is there any difference in the features of the free and paid version of Sublime Text. And if there is a difference in the two versions then do you have to buy Sublime Text is what I will also discuss.

What is Sublime Text?

Sublime Text is a shareware cross-platform. It is a source code editor with a Python application programming interface. If you are wondering what all languages does sublime text support then the answer is that it locally assists many programming languages and mark-up dialects, and clients can include functions with plugins, regularly built by the community. Sublime Text free vs. paid is a debate continued from time to time.

Sublime Text is a complicated text editor for code, mark-up, and writing. You’ll cherish the smooth UI, uncommon features, fantastic performance, and astonishing execution. Sublime

Text hopes to be utilized by around 25% of developers, and many developers are shifting on an ST Editor day by day.

How many users use the free version of Sublime Text?

The Sublime Text allows you to use the free version for an unlimited period, whereas the subscription fee mounts up to 80$. This fee is quite reasonable based on the quality services Sublime Text provides. 

Here’s what the Sublime Text Editor looks like

But many users keep using the free version (apparently not being bothered by invitation to buy popup or directly coding them off). 

Sooner or later, Sublime text users fall in love with the functionalities, and this software provides hence prefer paying for the software license as a praising gesture to support the Sublime Text team.

Why should I buy the license for Sublime Text?

Is Sublime Text free for commercial use? Let me tell you about the Sublime Text license and why you can consider to buy it. Although sublime Text can be downloaded and evaluated for free for an unlimited time, you might be wondering what additional features you might unlock after buying the licenses.

Yes, quite a fair question, but based upon Sublime Text user feedback the moral satisfaction of paying for something you continually use and also enjoy using it, too, is the major plus for paying for this software.

Apart from that, you can save yourself from getting nag popup after every few saves to remind you that you haven’t paid for it yet.

Comparison of Sublime Text and other editors

Sublime Text exceeds expectations in cases where all other editors have failed. In contrast to Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Notepad++ are reasonably slow.

Some have a slow UI response while N++ doesn’t bring threads in use. A search in files locks the entire UI until the hunt ends, stopping you from coding.

The reason why you have searched about Sublime Text is that you, me, and many others have fallen in love with the ST editor and its creators. Is it worth it to buy Sublime Text? Well, for software that we all truly love, totally it is worth it!


I know the licensing fee is considerably huge for many of us developers. But quitting using Sublime Text is something we are not planning to do even in the future.

Henceforth to raise some virtues, its best to purchase the permit when your pocket permits you to. What’s more, you may diminish the strained in your mind that emerges because of the pestering of the popup. If you are looking for a minimalist, efficient coding editor with support for multiple programming languages, Sublime Text could also be what you would like. It works great for me!

Note: ST Editor 3 dev builds are available to licensed users only in x32bit and x64bit.

Happy Sublime text using (paid or free)

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